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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Game – XBLA Review

The Game – XBLA Review

Price: 800MSP ($10 USD)


Scott Pilgrim versus The World: The Game™ is the stone ‘n’ move activity romantic tale for the eight-piece age. Remaining consistent with the realistic books and up and coming motion picture, the diversion takes after Scott Pilgrim’s mission to date Ramona Flowers by overcoming her seven underhandedness exes.

The diversion is an arcade-style beat ’em up enlivened by numerous exemplary retro amusements of the ’80s and ’90s. It includes a four-player center mode where you can battle nearby Stephen Stills, Kim Pine, and Ramona to kick, punch, and beat your way through crowds of fashionable people, emos, paparazzi, outsiders, flying piggy banks (yes, flying piggy banks!), and significantly more. The eight-piece retro-gaming movements were made by the world-acclaimed Pixel Artist Paul Robertson and the diversion includes a soundtrack by chip-tune rockers Anamanaguchi.” [Via]

The story is straight forward. Scott cherishes Romana yet should beat her detestable exes keeping in mind the end goal to be with her. Scott must give a good old fashioned thumping to everybody in your way, and beat the insidious ex toward the finish of each stage. Sound simple? All things considered, you are extraordinarily wrong.


The diversion plays like a standard Beat them up amusement with an additional RPG component. As you experience the levels thrashing everybody, you will pick up levels which win you rewards in quality and wellbeing and give you new moves to utilize. The RPG component is a pleasant touch to this Beat them up amusement and makes it unfathomably more fun than an ordinary Beat them up diversion. All things considered, similar to some other Beat them up, the whole objective is to pummel everybody. Fortunately you get the chance to get protests and utilize exceptional forces to help you succeed

The diversion likewise bolsters 4 player nearby community. It would have been amazing to have some online help, however unfortunately there is none. The amusement really appears to support community play, as it is staggeringly difficult to really beat the diversion independent from anyone else. There are four players to browse, and keeping in mind that you will all assistance each other pounding the foes, you will in any case vie for a decent measure of the gold that is dropped. Without anyone else’s input you will by replaying levels again and again as you crush for understanding and cash, however playing with companions gives you a chance to beat everything with a smidgen of exertion while having a ton of fun. There are four characters to pick from, in addition to a reward character to open (likewise a supposed 6th character that I can’t confirm).

Money in the casino is dropped by each foe in the diversion. As you gather more cash you can enter stores and purchase overhauls, sustenance, and bites. Purchasing stuff is an absolute necessity in this diversion. Without the redesigns, and snacks you will bite the dust a fast and repulsive death.

There are three challenges, yet they are for the most part entirely troublesome except if you level up a considerable amount. The sheer number of adversaries and their shabby moves make an unbelievably irritating knowledge for newcomers. There is additionally, for reasons unknown, an extraordinarily long recuperation each time you tumble down. At first the amusement may require a significant stretch of time to become acclimated to, yet once you are utilized to it this diversion contends amazingly well with numerous Beat them up games.

Audio & Graphics

This amusement is relatively held up totally by its sound. An odd proclamation for a non Rhythm diversion, yet it is valid. The sound in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The amusement is totally Epic. The chiptune music from Anamanaguchi is great, check out some more data at this article composed by Chris and after that look into a portion of their music on youtube; it genuinely is awesome.

The illustrations are in a 8bit style, which strangely brought back recollections of playing more established recreations. An irregular inclination happened as I played. While I knew this amusement was new, it felt like I was playing an old exemplary diversion that I hadn’t played in a while. I feel the craftsmanship style won’t function too with the more youthful group, yet as a more seasoned gamer I very delighted in the nostalgic inclination. The main dissension I had with the illustrations is the bobbing cleavage. I don’t feel it was important to have each and every female sprite to ricochet their – er-resources. It essentially was not needed.


The Achievements in this amusement are hard. The accomplishments will expect you to play this diversion a great deal. There are a couple of simple to get accomplishments, yet the rest will take a while. The least demanding are killing the twins in the meantime, purchasing everything in a store, and vanquishing the main supervisor without utilizing an existence. The rest will take a while, and will make them play a great deal. Fortunately on the off chance that you like beat them up diversions you will appreciate this amusement (See rest of the survey for reasons why… Yes, that was a fitting for my audit inside my own review)